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JUKI Haruka TL-18QVP, SureStitch & Frame Cutie Bundle

Angels is offering a bundle on the JUKI Haruka TL-18QVP Sewing and Quilting Machine, Cutie Table Top frame by Grace, and the Sure Stitch Elite regulator. This is the perfect setup for you to get started in quilting, or to upgrade your current setup. Read more about these products below or click

JUKI Haruka TL-18QVP Sewing and Quilting Machine

Known as a workhorse, the Haruka TL-18QVP lives up to this standard as a single needle, lock-stitch, portable sewing machine, constructed of aluminum die-casting that ensures industrial-quality sewing.

Equipped with the same mechanism as JUKI's industrial machines, the TL-18QVP features a float foot function, great for a multitude of layers and thick seams perfect for fashion, handbag making, and piecing. If you're looking for precise seams, the TL-18QVP comes with a mounting base to attach gauges and binders. Want to try free-motion quilting? Drop the feed dogs and sew away! The sewing possibilities are endless.

Made to last, the TL-18QVP comes with additional features like presser foot up and down, thread trimming, and speed control. Additional accessories like the knee lift lever and extension table make the TL-18QVP is a perfect addition to any sewing space, offering easy control and a smooth ride.

As a reflection of JUKI’s Japanese heritage, the TL-18QVP was named Haruka meaning “beyond.” Go beyond expectation with Haruka!

Click here to read more about the JUKI TL-18QVP on the Angels Sewing & Quilting website.

JUKI Cutie Tabletop Fabric Frame by Grace

The JUKI Tabletop Fabric Frame allows you to quilt, sew, and stitch in a much easier way by managing your fabric for you so you can enjoy the process much more. This frame fits on top of a table or desk and is compatible with most JUKI sewing machine.

Features Include:
  • Adjustable to fit any sewing machine with up to 18" of throat space
  • Handles can be extended and rotated for your convenience
  • Space saver since it is designed to be lightweight and portable, this frame fits on top of a table or desk and can be easily stored away
  • The affordable option since it's priced at a fraction of the cost of other frames on the market
  • Premium Dual-Track System allows the carriage to move around the surface with ease
  • Adjust the frame depth to fit your machine. Compatible JUKI domestic machines with up to 18" throat space
JUKI Tabletop 'Cutie' Table Top frame by Grace

Click here to read more about the Cutie Table Top on the Angels Sewing & Quilting website.

JUKI SureStitch Elite Regulator

When the SureStich is used as your speed control it lets you adjust the speed of your sewing machine with the simple push of a button. The SureStitch Elite features a sleek design, user-friendly touchscreen interface, and additional brand-new features. Getting perfectly consistent stitches is now easier than ever. 

Features Include:
  • Customizable stitch length presets
  • Over Speed Buzzer On/Off
  • Minimum speed adjustment
  • Ruler function
  • Calculator
  • Customizable color themes
  • Edge warning alarm

SureStitch Elite Regulator

Click here to read more about the SureStitch Elite Regulator on the Angels Sewing & Quilting website.

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