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Featherweight Maintenance Log Book

The Singer Featherweight Maintenance Log Book was designed to keep with your machines - whether you have only one Featherweight that you use and enjoy or an entire collection that you rotate through.  The Maintenance Log Book features a place to note the modelserial number & manufacture date, as well as the owner's name and phone number.  Documenting maintenance serves as a reminder for when each Featherweight was last serviced and provides provenance to future generations about the care and value of each machine.

Record the frequency of oiling, greasing and other maintenance with coordinating columns to indicate service type, parts replaced, and any extra remarks pertinent from that servicing date.  For example, one might want to note that the belt was adjusted for better speed, or a bobbin case screw was replaced, or tension was recalibrated.  Be sure to inquire from your sewing machine technician about the maintenance done on your machine so you can record it or you could even ask if the tech would be willing to record the data for you! 

Note: If you attend any Maintenance Workshops, be sure to take your Log Book along so you can record your own maintenance!

Maintenance Log book measures 5" x 6 1/2" - small enough to keep tucked in the machine's case, but still large enough to make small notations.  This is a perfect gift and makes a wonderful companion to the Featherweight Servicing Mat!

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