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The Perfect T-shirt

A T-shirt is a closet staple for all and to have the perfect T-shirt is a must have item! During this class you will learn how to make the Perfect T-shirt to fit your body figure. You can choose the neckline style and sleeve length. The first class will include flat patter fitting and cutting out the fabric. The second class will be sewing the T-shirt, and doing a couple more fittings, making adjustments as needed and finalizing your personalized pattern. Wear a light shirt and the appropriate undergarments you would wear with a T-shirt to class. 

Prep for class:
  • Purchase you pattern, fabric and gather necessary notions (most of these items are available at Angels)
  • Pre-wash your fabric
  • Read through your pattern
First Class:
We will do measurements to choose the correct size for you. Then, we will trace the pattern, and do a flat pattern fitting before cutting out the fabric. 

Materials needed:
  • The Perfect T-shirt pattern, pattern tracing paper, pencil
  • Light-medium weight knit fabric (Pre-wash your fabric before class)
  • Quilting ruler and curved armhole ruler for garment making
  • Rotary cutter, scissors, large cutting mat, pins or weights
  • Marking Tools: chalk recommended, disappearing and wash away (Not Frixon)
  • SewKeysE Tapes: Knit stay tape, Woven stay tape, and Double sided fusible tape 1"

Second Class:
We Will learn sewing techniques for knits and construct the t-shirt. In addition, we will do fittings along the way to make any final adjustments to shirt and pattern for custom fit. Then, you can make many more

Materials needed:
  • Shirt pieces all cut and coordinating polyester thread
  • Sewing Machine
  • Stretch needles (75/11)
  • Edge Joining foot
  • Press cloth, Best Press
  • Sewing tools (pins, scissors, stiletto, marking tools)
  • SewKeysE tapes: Knit stay tape, Woven stay tape, and Double-sided fusible stay tape (1")
  • Optional: Serger, pressing ham, clapper

Skill Level:
Instructor Name:

The Perfect T-shirt

$ 100.00

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